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For fatties & fattie fans

Fetish: Feeder & feedee

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Because Eileen / Stylist: Alexis Sisely / Model: Jess Denman / Model: Kerim Tansel

For fatties & fattie fans

Our girl, Alexis Sisely is back this Sexy Saturday with a whole new fetish & one that I have been fascinated with since finding out about it a few years ago. Not the type of fascinated that will have Sebastien shoving food down my throat & groping my belly fat any time soon. More just interested in why this over indulgent act that usually ends with one partner becoming completely immobile & dependent on the other, is considered a huge turn on to a growing population around the world. If you have never heard of the terms ‘feeder’ & ‘feedee’, here’s a super quick sex ed class that your teachers didn’t cover at school.


‘Feeder feedee fetish for fatties & fattie fans’ by Alexis Sisely

The title of this piece sounds degrading, insulting & disrespectful, there I’ve owned it. But, given the abundance of information I’ve studied about this sexual fetish via the internet, I have confidently come to the conclusion that feeders & feedees love gaining weight & getting… fat. There it is, the alarming, offensive word that we try not to use when describing human’s physiques. I’ve just wrapped up a blog written on body image, focusing specifically on cellulite. Feeder/feedee fetishism contradicts much of how I feel & what a vast majority of society thinks about being “fat”. The notion that people glorify gaining inches around their waistlines & hips is unfathomable to me. What’s more discombobulating is the fact that they’re sexually aroused by all this feeding & consuming.

This is a fetish you can not try alone. There are two distinct roles;
the feedee wants to gain weight &
the feeder feeds the feedee to help them get fat.

In a dual effort that consists of one person feeding another, the two also gain sexual pleasure. There are some heavy complications attached to these actions. Here’s a few:

Financial difficulties
Keeping up with the grocery bill proves tough for a lot of feedees. Donna Simpson, mother & perhaps one of the most famous feedees in the US worked online as a sexual-fetish-cam-girl to fund her fetish.

Psychological issues
Professional mental health workers believe that behind the feeder/feedee fetish that both parties can have extreme issues that led them to the fetish. Feeders & feedees generally disagree, not thinking of themselves as “victims”.
(Reference article)

Physical issues
This is self-explanatory. Gaining copious amounts of weight through the means of bad diet is unhealthy for the body.

Anyway let’s look at some hotties sprawled out on a mattress in my front yard, posing as a feeder/feedee duo. SO GOD DAM SEXY!



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