Sarah Louise Kinsella

‘1.5 hours with Clara’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Sarah Louise Kinsella / Model: Clara Buchner / Stylist: Danielle Kate Williams / HMUA: Helen Samaryan
1.5 hours with Clara: 1/14
1.5 hours with Clara: 2/14
1.5 hours with Clara: 3/14
1.5 hours with Clara: 4/14
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1.5 hours with Clara: 7/14
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1.5 hours with Clara: 9/14
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1.5 hours with Clara: 11/14
1.5 hours with Clara: 12/14
1.5 hours with Clara: 13/14
1.5 hours with Clara: 14/14

Sarah Louise Kinsella ‘1.5 hours with Clara’

Australian photographer Sarah Louise Kinsella meets with German model Clara Buchner for an impromptu film series in the studio.

“We had 1.5 hours to shoot with Clara, which proved to be a little strenuous when shooting on film. The vibe was an exploration of movement, so I had Clara performing experimental contortion & very animated posing with an uncouth attitude. I wanted to capture images that were a little more unusual.

Using a continuous light (thanks @pixonlocation), I had my trusty assistant (@oliviasavile) capture light tests on her digital camera to ensure the mood was right. Initially, I wanted a bright series of images but after playing around with the continuous light, I then decided to create more of a warmer ambience to enhance certain elements on & around Clara without washing everything out. The highlights really help to direct the focus.

Clara has a great spirit & lots of energy on set, & I can’t wait to get back to Germany to photograph her again!”

Wardrobe; Ginger & Smart, Steffen Schraut, Manning Cartell, Dinosaur Designs, Ambra, Significant Other, Jeffrey Campbell, Boohoo, Kiss Kill Lingerie.



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