Brogan Ryan


by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Brogan Ryan / Model: Annemarijn Bulsink / Stylist: Annemarijn Bulsink
17D: 1/5
17D: 2/5
17D: 3/5
17D: 4/5
17D: 5/5

Brogan Ryan ‘17D’

Brogan Ryan celebrates her muse’s personal style with their recent 35mm collab. This is ’17D’ starring & styled by Annemarijn Bulsink.

“On a recent trip to Amsterdam, whilst browsing model sites for a muse, I found Annemarijn. I immediately fell in love with her 90s’, “I don’t give a fuck” style & we arranged to shoot. We shot in my friend’s apartment, number 17D on 35mm film & got some wacky pics, which celebrate the model’s personal style.”

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