Hana Jayne Sho

‘24hr daydream’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Hana Jayne Sho / Model: Jess-Joy / Model Management: My Friend Ned / Model: Tatiana Marks / Model Management: The Fantastic Agency / Stylist: Jess-Joy
24hr daydream: 1/13
24hr daydream: 2/13
24hr daydream: 3/13
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Hana Jayne Sho ‘24hr daydream’

Cape town creative Hana Jayne Sho set out to create something morbidly beautiful for her latest series. This is ’24hr daydream’ starring Jess-Joy & Tatiana Marks.

“I had this idea of shooting Jess & Tatiana in this old Victorian mansion in Fresnaye (a fancy suburb in Cape Town) – It’s currently for sale, so it’s totally empty inside. We threw our shit on the floor & began to play & mess around with clothes & ideas. Jess brought the kink stuff, Tatiana brought the flowy, delicate dresses & we decided to mix & match & see where we’d go from there. We spent the evening listening to some playlist Spotify made for me & eating butternut & feta salad. We hadn’t molded a concept yet, but we knew we wanted to make something morbidly beautiful.

After looking at my film scans a lot of ideas came to mind. I guess the contrast between the soft, angelic shots juxtaposed against the more stranger images sparked an idea of the title ‘24hr Daydream’. I concluded that this story plays on the idea of fantasy & daydreaming. The softer shots depict a real life scenario, contrasted with the weirder ones which are the daydreams, focusing on kink, fetish & fantasy.”



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