2MUCH!: 1/7 2MUCH!: 1/7
2MUCH!: 2/7 2MUCH!: 2/7
2MUCH!: 3/7 2MUCH!: 3/7
2MUCH!: 4/7 2MUCH!: 4/7
2MUCH!: 5/7 2MUCH!: 5/7
2MUCH!: 6/7 2MUCH!: 6/7
2MUCH!: 7/7 2MUCH!: 7/7

Rebecca Weidner ‘2MUCH!’

German/Australian photographer & designer Becks presents her debut fashion story starring Clo Love, art director of Meanjin‘s biggest queer dance party- Shandy. Beck describes her brand 2MUCH! as “Not your ordinary fit, not minimalistic, but extra. Be 2MUCH! & look 2MUCH! Handmade genderless fashion & body chains from Brisbane combined with some Berlin vibes (my hometown)”



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