Alexa King

‘38 special’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Alexa King / Model: Kirsten Rinck / HMUA: Jenny Sauceda
38 special: 1/9
38 special: 2/9
38 special: 3/9
38 special: 4/9
38 special: 5/9
38 special: 6/9
38 special: 7/9
38 special: 8/9
38 special: 9/9

Alexa King ‘38 special’

Whenever I need to grow my balls out just a little bit more to face something tough (usually at the gym), ‘Bitch better have my money’ is my go to girl power anthem. Not surprisingly, it also recently became the theme song for Alexa King’s latest kick ass series.

“This was our girl power shoot & we could barely even leave my place. We were so rowdy & were jammin to ‘Bitch better have my money’. It was a Riri day of cigars & hip hop”.



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