Alexander Tull

‘40 degrees’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Alexander Tull / Model: Bridgette McLernon
40 degrees: 1/10
40 degrees: 2/10
40 degrees: 3/10
40 degrees: 4/10
40 degrees: 5/10
40 degrees: 6/10
40 degrees: 7/10
40 degrees: 8/10
40 degrees: 9/10
40 degrees: 10/10

Alexander Tull ‘40 degrees’

40 degrees (celsius) is how hot it was on the day Australian photographer, Alexander Tull met with Bridgette McLernon to shoot this beautiful beach series just after Christmas. This is what a white christmas looks like for us down here, shiny bodies (either from coconut oil, sea water, sweat or a combination of all three), baking on white sand.



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