Jeremiah Willis


by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Jeremiah Willis / Model: Kyd Nereida
7-11: 1/6
7-11: 2/6
7-11: 3/6
7-11: 4/6
7-11: 5/6
7-11: 6/6

Jeremiah Willis ‘7-11’

Los Angeles based fashion & editorial photographer Jeremiah Willis meets his muse in the parking lot for an impromptu debut series.

“Shooting with Kyd was amazing! With no real plans & a limited amount of time, we decided to do a session in a random parking lot near where Kyd was staying while visiting Los Angeles. &, since I had my film camera with me, we shot a mix of film & digital, while she snacked on tacos & snacks from 7-11.”



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