Adam Dawda

‘7pm, Odesa’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Adam Dawda / Model: Ruslana Bila / Stylist: Ruslana Bila
7pm, Odesa: 1/6
7pm, Odesa: 2/6
7pm, Odesa: 3/6
7pm, Odesa: 4/6
7pm, Odesa: 5/6
7pm, Odesa: 6/6

Adam Dawda ‘7pm, Odesa’

Adam Dawda plays with the natural light beaming into his apartment during his recent session with Ruslana Bila.

“My camera is always ready when an opportunity arises. Travelling & living abroad displaced always in a new apartment or airbnb, I never know how exactly the light will form in the space that I live. The clouds were high & clear, allowing for a beam from the setting sun to shine into the living room before setting behind the buildings & eventually retiring. We used what short time we had. This is always my favourite condition to shoot portraits; where you use light to emphasize certain aspects of your subject.”



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