Julia Wettreich & Stow Kelly

‘A day in splendour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Production: Julia Wettreich & Stow Kelly / Photographer: Stow Kelly / Creative director: Julia Wettreich / Model: Chloe Sothcott / Stylist: Julia Wettreich / Make-up Artist: Nicole Goulet
A day in splendour: 1/5
A day in splendour: 2/5
A day in splendour: 3/5
A day in splendour: 4/5
A day in splendour: 5/5

Julia Wettreich & Stow Kelly ‘A day in splendour’

Tis the season for dress-ups & grandeur. Stow Kelly brings us his debut series starring Chloe Sothcott created in Mooresville, North Carolina.

“A Day In Splendor highlights the comfort of living a lavish & luxurious lifestyle. The combination of delicate & ornate looks emphasise a mixture of grandeur & simplicity”.



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I love these!

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