Jason Miller

‘A meditation on anger’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Jason Miller / Model: Gloria Cole / Stylist: Angelina Vitto / Make-up Artist: Lola
A meditation on anger: 1/10
A meditation on anger: 2/10
A meditation on anger: 3/10
A meditation on anger: 4/10
A meditation on anger: 5/10
A meditation on anger: 6/10
A meditation on anger: 7/10
A meditation on anger: 8/10
A meditation on anger: 9/10
A meditation on anger: 10/10

Jason Miller ‘A meditation on anger’

Shot during a road trip with stops in downtown LA, Barstow, Rainbow Basin & Victorville (California), Jason Miller is back with yet another gorgeous photo series, & a film to go with it!

“I’d been wanting to do a road trip style shoot where we’d just go out for a whole day & see what we could find. Gloria borrowed her friends vintage Mercedes & we set out on a gloomy day in April. It rained on us three separate times throughout the trip.

I wasn’t sure what the video was going to be about, but after seeing her facial expressions on the drive, I felt like the character she was embodying was trying to get away from something in LA, so I started searching for guided meditations on my phone & came across this meditation for anger. As it was playing in the car & I was watching her through the camera, I totally believed it. So that became the backbone of the film & the photos followed suit.”



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