A-muse-ing: 1/7 A-muse-ing: 1/7
A-muse-ing: 2/7 A-muse-ing: 2/7
A-muse-ing: 3/7 A-muse-ing: 3/7
A-muse-ing: 4/7 A-muse-ing: 4/7
A-muse-ing: 5/7 A-muse-ing: 5/7
A-muse-ing: 6/7 A-muse-ing: 6/7
A-muse-ing: 7/7 A-muse-ing: 7/7

Katya Simkin ‘A-muse-ing’

I developed a crush on Argentina photographer, Katya Simkin & her beautiful analogue portraits when I came across some photos on instagram with #postmypicsticks. It’s now a pleasure to feature another full series from Katya & her muse, Lucia Corral.



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