Marcos Paim

‘A pinch for love’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Marcos Paim / Art director: Marcos Paim / Production: Marcos Paim / Production: Tyz Matos / Artist: Marcos Paim / Model: Jessica Cândido
A pinch for love: 1/9
A pinch for love: 2/9
A pinch for love: 3/9
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A pinch for love: 9/9

Marcos Paim ‘A pinch for love’

Brazil creative genius Marcos Paim brings us new stunning work.

“Metaphorization of love & the body, psychological reactions.

Approach to an atmosphere where the subconscious gets in touch with our desires & create the imaginary connections from the feelings on the mind.

love exists.
love is tight.
love transpires.
love reflects.
love moves.”

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