Jean-Baptiste Fort

‘A sisterhood story’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Fort / Model: Yulia Belanovskaya / Model: Liza Martynchik / Stylist: Rehina Poleichuk / Make-up Artist: Kate Euphoria / Hair: Yulia Beauty Hair
A sisterhood story: 1/12
A sisterhood story: 2/12
A sisterhood story: 3/12
A sisterhood story: 4/12
A sisterhood story: 5/12
A sisterhood story: 6/12
A sisterhood story: 7/12
A sisterhood story: 8/12
A sisterhood story: 9/12
A sisterhood story: 10/12
A sisterhood story: 11/12
A sisterhood story: 12/12

Jean-Baptiste Fort ‘A sisterhood story’

At the age of 19, young french creative, Jean Baptiste Fort visited Hollywood & found himself taking pictures in the Warner Bros studios on the television set  of ‘Friends’. Since then, Jean Baptiste has become an established name within the fashion industry with an impressive client list. Today it’s a pleasure to present his latest work starring Yulia Belanovskaya & Liza Martynchik.

“Being an angel or a demon is pretty much the same…. Fashion & night can turn you either way as long as you are confident & empowered. This is what this shooting is all about. Empowering women to go deeper in their own personality & simply enjoy themselves. Maybe even become someone else for just one night.”

Wardrobe; Lakbi Fashion, Leushina, SJYP studio, Marcelino store.



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