Julia Godoy

‘A story without me’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Julia Godoy / Model: Mateo Dill / Model: Mirko Kraljevic / Model Management: Universal Management / Stylist: Zó Peña / Make-up Artist: Barbie Juarez
A story without me: 1/5
A story without me: 2/5
A story without me: 3/5
A story without me: 4/5
A story without me: 5/5

Julia Godoy ‘A story without me’

For her latest series, young Buenos Aires photographer Julia Godoy collaborated with stylist Zo Peña & met their team at the vintage market.

“Zo told me that she wanted to recreate THE XX band’s videos mood, so I got the idea to shoot in a small square that reminds me of the English neighborhoods.”

Wardrobe; Ona Saez, Madness Clothing, Panni Margot, Pantalones Asesinos, Dirty Boots.



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