Atisha Paulson

‘A summer spell’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
16 photographs.
Photographer: Atisha Paulson / Model: Olivia Burgess
A summer spell: 1/16
A summer spell: 2/16
A summer spell: 3/16
A summer spell: 4/16
A summer spell: 5/16
A summer spell: 6/16
A summer spell: 7/16
A summer spell: 8/16
A summer spell: 9/16
A summer spell: 10/16
A summer spell: 11/16
A summer spell: 12/16
A summer spell: 13/16
A summer spell: 14/16
A summer spell: 15/16
A summer spell: 16/16

Atisha Paulson ‘A summer spell’

‘A summer spell’ is our latest feature by NYC photographer, Atisha Paulson, starring the incredible Olivia Burgess. I ask the universe if I can please wake up with hair like this every night. So far, no success.

“I was shooting a job in Greenpoint that morning.
When I saw the call sheet, I noticed it was just a few blocks from her house.
We had shot something once before & I had always wanted to work with her again.
I sent her a text saying, “I know this is last minute but I’m going to be in your hood this afternoon. Wanna walk around & shoot a roll?”
She wrote back immediately, ” I have a couple castings this morning but will be free after 2pm.”

I finished my other job & walked over to her house.
One roll turned into 4.
The sun was out & we had nothing else to do but shoot.
No one cared about anything except the direction of the sun.



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