Nalin satearrujikanon

‘A Thai story’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Nalin satearrujikanon / Model: Lolita Harlan
A Thai story: 1/8
A Thai story: 2/8
A Thai story: 3/8
A Thai story: 4/8
A Thai story: 5/8
A Thai story: 6/8
A Thai story: 7/8
A Thai story: 8/8

Nalin satearrujikanon ‘A Thai story’

Thailand transgender fashion model & photographer, Nalin satearrujikanon presents her gorgeous debut film series, starring Lolita Harlan.

“With this series I set out to share a Thai story from a Thai perspective to the rest of the world, whilst proving to myself I could shoot something great on film. Thailand is not just a beautiful sea, or a luxurious rooftop bar. Its much more than that! Often when I work as a model I think about if I had the chance to be the photographer at this job, what would I do & change? But I’m still just a model for a photographer to be controlled by a professional stylist. Actually, I’m a vintage girl & fell in love with Polaroid & film pics & decided it was time to follow my new passion.”



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