Marie Lourier

‘A tomboy’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Marie Lourier / Production: Lexa Kim / Model: Anita Fuck / Assistant: Daria Atamanovskaya
A tomboy: 1/7
A tomboy: 2/7
A tomboy: 3/7
A tomboy: 4/7
A tomboy: 5/7
A tomboy: 6/7
A tomboy: 7/7

Marie Lourier ‘A tomboy’

I feel like everything that come out of Russia is gold! Today Marie Lourier brings us a fun fil series starring Anita Fuck.

“Our model is Anita Fuck, I love her so much! She is a very kind person & a bundle of sunshine. We are friends & she perfectly suits my aesthetic. This time we set up in the basement, a perfect place to show the rebel spirit of girls like her. She is a creative person, that is also shown by arts surrounding.”



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