Helena Lu

‘A walk with Paola’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Helena Lu / Model: Paola
A walk with Paola: 1/7
A walk with Paola: 2/7
A walk with Paola: 3/7
A walk with Paola: 4/7
A walk with Paola: 5/7
A walk with Paola: 6/7
A walk with Paola: 7/7

Helena Lu ‘A walk with Paola’

Los Angeles based photographer Helena Lu spent the day photographing Paola as they walked together through the parks & streets of LA. Helena met Paola & fell in love with her look just days before the shoot.

“I started photography more or less a year ago. I had my camera with me always as long as I remember myself. I feel very inspired by all the people around me and trying to create as much as possible lately!”



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