Trespassing: 1/14 Trespassing: 1/14
Trespassing: 2/14 Trespassing: 2/14
Trespassing: 3/14 Trespassing: 3/14
Trespassing: 4/14 Trespassing: 4/14
Trespassing: 5/14 Trespassing: 5/14
Trespassing: 6/14 Trespassing: 6/14
Trespassing: 7/14 Trespassing: 7/14
Trespassing: 8/14 Trespassing: 8/14
Trespassing: 9/14 Trespassing: 9/14
Trespassing: 10/14 Trespassing: 10/14
Trespassing: 11/14 Trespassing: 11/14
Trespassing: 12/14 Trespassing: 12/14
Trespassing: 13/14 Trespassing: 13/14
Trespassing: 14/14 Trespassing: 14/14

Joshua Ochoa ‘Trespassing’

Brisbane analogue photographer Joshua Ochoa brings us his stunning debut feature starring Abi.

“What used to be a shopping centre was now graffiti-covered rubble. Surrounded by warning signs & a fence but often occupied by skateboarding teens. If you walk around though you’ll find a hole in the fence hidden by bushes. That’s how we got in. Inspired by the graffiti & 90’s styling, we went for a punk look with modern sensibilities.”



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