Rogier Alexander

‘Abduction Zine (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Rogier Alexander
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 1/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 2/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 3/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 4/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 5/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 6/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 7/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 8/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 9/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 10/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 11/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 12/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 13/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 14/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 15/16
Abduction Zine (NSFW): 16/16

Rogier Alexander ‘Abduction Zine (NSFW)’

Rogier Alexander has become a favourite here in the Sticks office & today it’s a pleasure to showcase a selection of exclusive images from his new zine entitled ‘Abduction’. Be quick! Only 150 copies (numbered). First 50 orders receive a free poster with their zine!

The year is 3020, Rogier Alexander has travelled back to planet zero (earth), for one purpose. Abduction & field research on planet zeros most interesting specimens through any means necessary. All photos © Rogier Alexander, by Foolish Publishing.

56 Pages

Edition 1

Pur Bind, A4.

Gloss Laminate

Designed and printed in Perth.

Shop here 🙂



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