James Beddoes

‘Abigail’s bedroom’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: James Beddoes / Model: Abigail Lily Defontaine
Abigail’s bedroom: 1/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 2/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 3/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 4/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 5/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 6/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 7/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 8/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 9/10
Abigail’s bedroom: 10/10

James Beddoes ‘Abigail’s bedroom’

With a “supermodel presence that makes everything she does seem cool & effortless”, James Beddoes has always been an unashamed fan of Abigail Defontaine. “She’s the kind of model that when your photographing her you feel like you’ve finally made it! we shot this set in Abigail’s bedroom the day before she moved flats, packing stuff everywhere, Abi threw together some badass outfits from a pile of clothes on her bed & just went about her business being super cool. I just shot everything I could while trying not to give away that I wasn’t cool enough to be there!”



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