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Jane & Jane ‘Ablaze’

Recently Dulcedo styling artists, Bianca di Blasio & the Alper sisters travelled to Toronto to work alongside young, fresh, go-getting photography twins, Jane & Jane to create this gorgeous editorial. We don’t often feature studio shoots since we love to keep it real up here, but this one feels different. Jane & Jane have a special eye for capturing raw emotion & a strong sense of story telling. ‘Ablaze’ has so much texture, warmth & a realness to it that many studio shoots lack & I know you will feel it as much as I am.

Featured clothing: Les Matières Fécales, Aldo Rise X Misha Nonoo, Jacquemus from La Maison Simons, Aldo, Lafaille, Jeffrey Campbell from Little Burgundy, La Reine from La Maison Simons, Philosophy from La Maison Simons, Acne Studios from La Maison Simons, Lafaille.



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