Sara Rustan

‘Acid bath’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Sara Rustan / Model: Ine Susanne Methlie
Acid bath: 1/6
Acid bath: 2/6
Acid bath: 3/6
Acid bath: 4/6
Acid bath: 5/6
Acid bath: 6/6

Sara Rustan ‘Acid bath’

20-year old Norwegian photography student, Sara Rustan presents her grungy debut feature starring, Ine Susanne Methlie.

“I really love using existing light from fluorescent lamps in my photos because it gives me that edgy look that I want. In all of my shoots it is always very important to me that the model appeas strong, in control & has a bit of an attitude. I went for a snapshot feeling & wanted it to be imperfect.”



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