Adel: 1/13 Adel: 1/13
Adel: 2/13 Adel: 2/13
Adel: 3/13 Adel: 3/13
Adel: 4/13 Adel: 4/13
Adel: 5/13 Adel: 5/13
Adel: 6/13 Adel: 6/13
Adel: 7/13 Adel: 7/13
Adel: 8/13 Adel: 8/13
Adel: 9/13 Adel: 9/13
Adel: 10/13 Adel: 10/13
Adel: 11/13 Adel: 11/13
Adel: 12/13 Adel: 12/13
Adel: 13/13 Adel: 13/13

Pierre Manning ‘Adel’

Pierre manning has quickly become one of my favourite photographers since discovering him only a few weeks ago. If you missed his last series up here, be sure to check it out. For now here is ‘Adel’ shot with a Fuji point & shoot camera & inspired by MOSCHINO’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The team took it to the streets of Montreal for a Master Class with Nick Knight.



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