Clément Berrin

‘Adele on a Sunday’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Clément Berrin / Model: Adele Gendron / Stylist: Adele Gendron
Adele on a Sunday: 1/9
Adele on a Sunday: 2/9
Adele on a Sunday: 3/9
Adele on a Sunday: 4/9
Adele on a Sunday: 5/9
Adele on a Sunday: 6/9
Adele on a Sunday: 7/9
Adele on a Sunday: 8/9
Adele on a Sunday: 9/9

Clément Berrin ‘Adele on a Sunday’

I have always said we do everything we do based on ‘gut feeling’. Well it seems today my gut is feeling Montreal! Coincidentally, this is our third series out of there today, & also our third gorgeous instalment from ‘On a Sunday’ by Clément Berrin. Adele Gendron I think I just fell in love wit you, & I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

“For this instalment we visited one of my favourite places in Montreal called ‘Apartment 200’. It’s a beautiful bar, looking at a loft, with arcade games & awesome decorations. Plus Adele has awesome style!”



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