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Hedda Rysstad ‘ADHD’

Her work represents what she seeks out to in her own life; confidence, rebels, free spirits & wanderlust. But she can also feel a bit misplaced in the society, frustrated by the materialistic world & lack of people keeping it real. Her work reflects this yearning for realness, much like this platform, & it’s a pleasure to introduce a new contributor in Norway photographer, Hedda Rysstad.

“Aside from feeling like we were on the North Pole being super cold, we had a really good time. We had two days together, & we just hung out & got to know each other. This was the first time meeting & I immediately got inspired by his energetic, but at the same time a bit shy, personality. This was a feeling I wanted to reflect in the editorial. I think the connection between the photographer & model is really important & plays a big role in creating interested images.”



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