Sofia Beron


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Sofia Beron / Model: Apolonio / Model: Erik Fernández J / Model: Naro Biurrun / Stylist: Naro Biurrun / HMUA: Beba l'atelier
Afterparty: 1/7
Afterparty: 2/7
Afterparty: 3/7
Afterparty: 4/7
Afterparty: 5/7
Afterparty: 6/7
Afterparty: 7/7

Sofia Beron ‘Afterparty’

Argentinian photographer Sofia Beron brings us a new series inspired by months of being cooped up inside & partying at home as they patiently wait for the local clubs & bars to reopen in the wake of the pandemic. This is ‘Afterparty’.



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