Travy P

‘24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Artist: Travy P / Artist: Manu Crooks / Production: Jaen Collective / CinematographerJaen Collective / Photographer: Troy Freyee / Stylist: Ainsley Hutchence S&S
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 1/7
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 2/7
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 3/7
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 4/7
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 5/7
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 6/7
24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$: 7/7

Travy P ‘24/7 Travy P ft Manu Crook$’

A couple months ago my friends, Nick & Jon of Jaen Collective asked me to style a music video they were filming in the Gold Coast (Australia) for Travy P, featuring Manu Crook$. Who knew this would turn out to be my rap video appearance debut! Check me out 🙂

Life works in mysterious ways, & for homegrown emcee Travy P, that meant making his biggest career move in a Queensland burger chain. After meeting Sydney rap staple, Miracle, through a mutual friend, the two clicked amicably over beef patties, buns & a shared appreciation for honest music. Come 2016, Travy P was announced as the first signing on Miracles’s WVS imprint, & is now set for his biggest year yet with the label.

Travi’s approach to songwriting radiates with positivity – a perfect pairing with his brazen & bright dress sense. It’s a refreshing alternative to hip-hop fuelled by macho bravado & faux gangsterisms, & indicative of the local scene’s movement towards a more progressive mindset. “I just want people to be happy… I’m dynamic because no one sounds like me. I always like switching it up whether it’s a new flow or melody, but mainly when you hear my music, you know it’s me,” he says.

Its a pleasure to premiere the 24/7 video (enclosed) along with some BTS photos from my boi, Troy Freyee.



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