‘Chasing you’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

22 photographs.
Artist: Airwolf / Production: Sticks and Stones / Director: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Written by: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / CinematographerJaen Collective / Editor: Jaen Collective
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Airwolf ‘Chasing you’

I know I have said this before, but my day shooting the latest music video for Melbourne artist AIRWOLF was my favourite day on set yet 🙂 Visiting all of my favourite local shooting spots with my homies equipped with a bunch of different cameras & complete creative freedom (thank you Airwolf!), I couldn’t have asked for better working conditions.

Today is release day which means I get to show you what we did 🙂

“Airwolf is a next generation DJ/producer with a creative investment in the music industry that does not rest. With a notable commitment to the arts, Airwolf (known to most as Justin Erougian) has amassed a decade-long discography, filmography & photographic portfolio, centered around the Australian music industry; a certain sign of his dedication & passion for our domestic community.

Today Airwolf delivers the striking music video to his piano house stormer ‘Chasing You’. A classic story with a modern aesthetic, ‘Chasing You’ was produced & directed by Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks & Stones Agency & filmed & edited by Nick Stevens of Jaen Collective. It follows the self-aware Thelma & Louise-esque characters (played by Sasha Baldwin & Sarah Blight) as they untie themselves from civility with an intensity which only has one finish line. With visual themes derived from Erougian’s favourite & cult classic film ‘The Devil’s Reject’, the 3 ½ minute video feels like an epically paced feature film.”




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