Ainsley Hutchence S&S

‘Hoop dreams’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Model: Soske
Hoop dreams: 1/13
Hoop dreams: 2/13
Hoop dreams: 3/13
Hoop dreams: 4/13
Hoop dreams: 5/13
Hoop dreams: 6/13
Hoop dreams: 7/13
Hoop dreams: 8/13
Hoop dreams: 9/13
Hoop dreams: 10/13
Hoop dreams: 11/13
Hoop dreams: 12/13
Hoop dreams: 13/13

Ainsley Hutchence S&S ‘Hoop dreams’

Well, it took me 9 months to retrieve these pics off an old harddrive & get them up here… Better late than never when it comes to my gorgeous & very flexible friend Soske. This was one of the many sets we shot on the same day. More to come. & if you missed our final 5 minutes of camera battery shoot that I did post up 9 months ago, click on link below 🙂




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