Sticks and Stones

‘Hot to trot’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Production: Sticks and Stones / Photographer: Troy Freyee / Art director: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Stylist: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Model: Zhoe Trotter / Wardrobe: Thrills
Hot to trot: 1/16
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Hot to trot: 3/16
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Hot to trot: 5/16
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Hot to trot: 15/16
Hot to trot: 16/16

Sticks and Stones ‘Hot to trot’

Last week we asked some of our favourite poeple in the biz to send us some clothes to use in a fun little shoot with the incredible, Zhoe Trotter. We met her on a grey Autumn day & took her to the very famous, very run down, Big Pineapple near our home town on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Full of energy & somehow just doing everything we wanted her to do without even asking, Zhoe fucking killed it.



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