Missguided: 1/15 Missguided: 1/15
Missguided: 2/15 Missguided: 2/15
Missguided: 3/15 Missguided: 3/15
Missguided: 4/15 Missguided: 4/15
Missguided: 5/15 Missguided: 5/15
Missguided: 6/15 Missguided: 6/15
Missguided: 7/15 Missguided: 7/15
Missguided: 8/15 Missguided: 8/15
Missguided: 9/15 Missguided: 9/15
Missguided: 10/15 Missguided: 10/15
Missguided: 11/15 Missguided: 11/15
Missguided: 12/15 Missguided: 12/15
Missguided: 13/15 Missguided: 13/15
Missguided: 14/15 Missguided: 14/15
Missguided: 15/15 Missguided: 15/15

Bang Bang Shooting Club ‘Missguided’

Today Missguided launch their new swim collection with this fun shoot I worked on a few weeks ago alongside my homies at Bang Bang Shooting Club in our coastal home town of Australia.

On most days of the year we can expect perfect shooting weather here (it’s literally called The sunshine Coast). But on this particular day we were fighting against rain clouds & crazy ass winds, which made shooting swimwear a little difficult. Thank fuck for awesome models & an amazing team. Every shoot is the best day yet, even when odds are stacked up against us.



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