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‘Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Production: MTV Australia / Director: Aislinn Lowe / Starring: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Starring: Ebony Boadu / Starring: Olivia (yemisul) / Starring: Lauren Winzer
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 1/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 2/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 3/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 4/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 5/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 6/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 7/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 8/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 9/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 10/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 11/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 12/13
Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls: 13/13

MTV Australia ‘Ainsley S&S on #MTVitgirls’

Ainsley Hutchence meets Olivia and Ebony of creative collective IZMZ to chat their all-female DJ nights, ‘GIRLS’, & their online magazine.

Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks & Stones meets controversial tattoo artist Lauren Winzer & illustrator Nanami Cowdroy who are part of all-female artist collective Curvy to talk about the importance of challenging gender stereotypes, supporting other female creatives & redefining what it means to be ‘ladylike.’

Sooooooooooo, a few weeks ago MTV asked me to be part of two bespoke episodes of #mtvitgirls about redefining what it means to be ladylike. Having not done much filming outside of snap chat & instagram & some pretty shitty cooking shows, etc, I was pretty fucking terrified that I would mess it all up. Would I swear too much? Would my voice sound fucked? Do they know I haven’t done much of this type of thing before? I don’t have any control over the footage, would they show my worst angles? Would I do that weird thing I do when I’m drunk & speak with an American accent? FUCK IT! A week later I was on a plane to Sydney reassuring myself it would be an amazing experience & I had made the right decision.

Turns out I completely underestimated just how amazing the whole experience would be! My nervous energy left me the minute I met the crew. They were all amazing to work with, & very understanding about my high “fuck” quota. I learnt so much from everyone on set & best of all came back more inspired than ever.



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