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Ainsley Hutchence S&S ‘Smoko’

For a non-smoker, I sure do take a lot of smoking pics! But that’s because often my favourite photos happen during smoko, as was the case yesterday on set with Tiesh Brooke. This is my version of a swim shoot… captured within 20 mins in a vacant lot next to the BP down the road.

Its only been in the past year that I have really started to appreciate & embrace the surroundings of my coastal home city of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I mean I’ve always loved living here, but in the past, finding good shoot locations always felt like my biggest hurdle. As a newer area, we don’t really have cool old buildings or much history. So instead of focussing on what we don’t have, I have started looking around & seeing all the cool shit we do have; incredible coastlines, caravan parks, beautiful nature, sunshine & intense heat, ice cream trucks, tinnies, sun chairs, a perfect balance between beautiful & trashy, which is exactly my goal for every shoot. As they almost always are, this one was completely unplanned & fun af.



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