Bang Bang Shooting Club

‘Volley, Anywhere’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Production: Bang Bang Shooting Club / Production: Volley Shoes Australia / Production: Maria Doubrovski / Art director: Ainsley Hutchence S&S / Photographer: Marisa Taschke / CinematographerJaen Collective
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Bang Bang Shooting Club ‘Volley, Anywhere’

You may have noticed Australian footwear brand, Volley, have caused a stir of late thanks to the #GRASSROOTS ‘rooting for change’ campaign that we worked on with them & that continues to be protested vehemently by the Australian Christian Lobby group.

It meant even more to us to continue to stand behind such a great message of freedom, love & creative expression, with our latest collaboration – ‘Anywhere’ AW17 campaign for Volley.

This campaign sees a young couple escaping convention & eloping before embarking on a coastal adventure.



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