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Yuck: 3/18 Yuck: 3/18
Yuck: 4/18 Yuck: 4/18
Yuck: 5/18 Yuck: 5/18
Yuck: 6/18 Yuck: 6/18
Yuck: 7/18 Yuck: 7/18
Yuck: 8/18 Yuck: 8/18
Yuck: 9/18 Yuck: 9/18
Yuck: 10/18 Yuck: 10/18
Yuck: 11/18 Yuck: 11/18
Yuck: 12/18 Yuck: 12/18
Yuck: 13/18 Yuck: 13/18
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Yuck: 15/18 Yuck: 15/18
Yuck: 16/18 Yuck: 16/18
Yuck: 17/18 Yuck: 17/18
Yuck: 18/18 Yuck: 18/18

Bang Bang Shooting Club ‘Yuck’

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentines day & so this one was a kind of “Fuck you” to Hallmark or whatever corporate giants invented another day of the year that makes poeple feel like they have to spend money. This one is for the haters.

On a side & contradictory note, when world headlines are filled with hate messages & uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to celebrate love. So maybe Valentines day is just a timely reminder that The Beatles had it right, “love is all you need”.

Also, this is the first year Sebastien & I celebrated Vagina day & it was fucking lovely. He got me some special toys for adults, & so maybe moving forward this day for us can be an excuse to get rid of the kids & spice up the sex life. Not that we need one.

Love from Ains & Bang Bang Shooting Club xox



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