Dan Simantov

‘Akrotiri Dream’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Dan Simantov / Model: Lisa Kirakosian / Stylist: Dan Simantov / Photographer assistant: Alexis Izenstark
Akrotiri Dream: 1/10
Akrotiri Dream: 2/10
Akrotiri Dream: 3/10
Akrotiri Dream: 4/10
Akrotiri Dream: 5/10
Akrotiri Dream: 6/10
Akrotiri Dream: 7/10
Akrotiri Dream: 8/10
Akrotiri Dream: 9/10
Akrotiri Dream: 10/10

Dan Simantov ‘Akrotiri Dream’

Dan Simontov presents his stunning new series dedicated to lone travellers who only have themselves & their thoughts as company. This is ‘Akrotiri Dream’ starring Lisa Kirakosian.

“Akrotiri Dream is inspired by my time at a bed & breakfast in the small beach village of Akrotiri in Santorini. The editorial embodies a young woman on her own travelling on the island; not a care in the world, just her & the sun. All props & accessories in this production were found in my mother’s garage, untouched from the 90s.”



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