All American girl (NSFW): 1/4 All American girl (NSFW): 1/4
All American girl (NSFW): 2/4 All American girl (NSFW): 2/4
All American girl (NSFW): 3/4 All American girl (NSFW): 3/4
All American girl (NSFW): 4/4 All American girl (NSFW): 4/4

James Beddoes ‘All American girl (NSFW)’

I have just realised something… You could map out my whole monthly cycle just by looking at what shoots I put up on here. For instance in the week leading up to my period I post shoots that are soft & lovely & touch me emotionally in some way as my top secret pop love-song playlist & yell singing noise pollute the neighbourhood. Then immediately after my period I get horny AF. Its that time of the month. But while this shoot is incredibly erotic I also find it to be beautiful & empowering & Sebastien is definitely gonna get lucky tonight. Extra points because I can smell him making my favourite pasta dish as I type.

Thank you for another awesome shoot James Beddoes & for some special inspiration!!!



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