‘Allday new music video BTS photos’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Artist: Allday / Photographer: Georgina Solomon / Production: Young Black Youth / Director: Nima Nabili Rad / Director of photography: Nima Nabili Rad / Stylist: Georgina Solomon
Allday new music video BTS photos: 1/8
Allday new music video BTS photos: 2/8
Allday new music video BTS photos: 3/8
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Allday ‘Allday new music video BTS photos’

Today Melbourne rapper, ALLDAY released a brand new music video for his single “Race day”. Lucky for us, our Adelaide girl, Georgina Solomon styled the video & managed to snap a roll of film along the way. Here are some words from everyones’s favourite Australian rapper (well at least mine), Tom aka ALLDAY.

“I fly into Adelaide on a Saturday to shoot the video for “Raceway”. Videos suck to shoot, they take too long & they usually involve dancing or at least gesticulating wildly in public. Fuck.

I get to Nima’s office (great director, look him up) the “crew” are there. Georgie is the stylist. She chucks her stuff on the floor & is wearing silk PJ’s in the middle of the day. Ok this person is thug as hell, I can dig it. Steph is the model because rap videos need models. But she’s being funny & warm & engaging. Ok dope that’s two cool people. Everyone else is cool too.

We drive to Mallala, a small town a little bit north of Adelaide. There’s a drifting event on. People have lowered Skylines, they’re doing skids & it’s way more impressive than it sounds. We’re hanging out in whatever shade we can find because it’s Desert-South Australia-Nightmare-Hot, & occasionally I’m rapping into the camera. Also I’m getting periodically abused by some 16 year olds who are calling me an “Autotune Faggot” & “Allgay.” It reminds me how much I’ve changed since I was 16, when I, coming from the very same depressing, lifeless Adelaide suburbs, would have probably acted similarly. Survivor’s guilt. We drink little pop tops of cold water from an esky bag, life ain’t so bad.

The heat is beginning to relent & all the guys with the cars are curious & want to help, we are borrowing cars for shots & I remember that Adelaide people ARE the good people. This IS home. We get amazing shots for the video. Georgie takes a few photos in between shots. We eat some hot chips. Just as it’s getting cold it’s over & we drive home. “That went quickly”… time flies when you’re meeting cool new friends & watching cars do skids.”

Shitty interview with ALLDAY to follow tomorrow!



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