Troy Freyee

‘All Greta’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Troy Freyee / Model: Greta Hampson / HMUA: Miranda Emblem / Wardrobe: Collective Haus
All Greta: 1/14
All Greta: 2/14
All Greta: 3/14
All Greta: 4/14
All Greta: 5/14
All Greta: 6/14
All Greta: 7/14
All Greta: 8/14
All Greta: 9/14
All Greta: 10/14
All Greta: 11/14
All Greta: 12/14
All Greta: 13/14
All Greta: 14/14

Troy Freyee ‘All Greta’

For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting my BFF Troy Freyee, I wish for your sake that you do very soon. He lights up every room, every set & every situation. His caring, fun, clever, gentle, wild all at the same time nature is incredibly contagious & addictive. Troy is my crack cocaine. I need a Troy hit almost every day of my life. He just has a way of making everything all better 🙂

Recently Troy met with our other close friend, makeup artist Miranda Emblem for this stunning new collaboration. This is ‘All Greta’.



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