Alida Buffalo

‘All time’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
13 photographs.
Production: Alida Buffalo / Photographer: Gavriel Maynard / Photographer: Kit Scholley / Photographer: Wave Lachish / Photographer: Casey Dhnaram / Wardrobe: Alida Buffalo
All time: 1/13
All time: 2/13
All time: 3/13
All time: 4/13
All time: 5/13
All time: 6/13
All time: 7/13
All time: 8/13
All time: 9/13
All time: 10/13
All time: 11/13
All time: 12/13
All time: 13/13

Alida Buffalo ‘All time’

Alida Buffalo Vintage is going offline temporarily to get a makeover! So this week we are looking back at their favourite shoots. This one is a gallery of their all time fave pics.

Alida Buffalo will be back next year, rebranded & more fab than ever!!!!

Meantime, who’s joining me at the ALIDA BUFFALO stall this Saturday (7th of Oct) at LIGHT YEARS BYRON BAY to shop their massive incredible glam vintage collection??? 🙂

Alida Buffalo stall deets…
location: lightyears Byron bay
3/17 lawson st, Byron bay 2481. (down the arcade that deus is at the front of ).



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