All-time: 1/10 All-time: 1/10
All-time: 2/10 All-time: 2/10
All-time: 3/10 All-time: 3/10
All-time: 4/10 All-time: 4/10
All-time: 5/10 All-time: 5/10
All-time: 6/10 All-time: 6/10
All-time: 7/10 All-time: 7/10
All-time: 8/10 All-time: 8/10
All-time: 9/10 All-time: 9/10
All-time: 10/10 All-time: 10/10

Dewa Ariadi ‘All-time’

I stumbled across a photo from this series while scrolling through #postmypicsticks & my heart stopped! Since I am not fucking stupid, I immediately asked part-time photographer, Dewa Ariadi if I could see the whole series. Just as I suspected, it was all gold! Now here I am, posting another favourite series of all time, starring one incredible beauty, Dulcie Atkinson.



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