Vera Fedorova

‘Alone, not lonely’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Vera Fedorova / Stylist: Vera Fedorova / Model: Nancy Shvab
Alone, not lonely: 1/6
Alone, not lonely: 2/6
Alone, not lonely: 3/6
Alone, not lonely: 4/6
Alone, not lonely: 5/6
Alone, not lonely: 6/6

Vera Fedorova ‘Alone, not lonely’

Every now & then a shoot comes through from somewhere in the world that makes me all emotional about how far our reach is spreading. Yes my period is due & I swear the Christmas period is the most emotive of them all, but seriously, THANK YOU! Thank you for visiting, for contributing, for caring!

HEY RUSSIA!!! We have been getting so much good work out of there lately, including this gorgeous portrait series by Vera Fedorova, starring Nancy Shvab. Love!



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