‘Alone, Together’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Rangefinder35 / Model: Sharon Citta / Stylist: Heather Flores / Make-up Artist: Bentley Raes
Alone, Together: 1/10
Alone, Together: 2/10
Alone, Together: 3/10
Alone, Together: 4/10
Alone, Together: 5/10
Alone, Together: 6/10
Alone, Together: 7/10
Alone, Together: 8/10
Alone, Together: 9/10
Alone, Together: 10/10

Rangefinder35 ‘Alone, Together’

‘Alone, Together’ is our latest stunning series out of Los Angeles by Rangefinder35.

“This series is my take on how it feels to be stood up. With the help of a small team, I shot these photos at a lonely burger joint. I used film to capture the dwindling dusk light of Los Angeles this time of year.”



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