Ricardo Lara Muñoz


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Ricardo Lara Muñoz / Creative director: Ricardo Lara Muñoz / Model: Natalia Resto / Assistant: Adriana N. Rosa / Editor: Ricardo Lara Muñoz
Ambigüedad: 1/10
Ambigüedad: 2/10
Ambigüedad: 3/10
Ambigüedad: 4/10
Ambigüedad: 5/10
Ambigüedad: 6/10
Ambigüedad: 7/10
Ambigüedad: 8/10
Ambigüedad: 9/10
Ambigüedad: 10/10

Ricardo Lara Muñoz ‘Ambigüedad’

Young Puerto Rico photographer Ricardo L. Muñoz brings us a vibrant debut series starring Natalia Resto.

“Inspiration to me always come from unusual places, things or moments, & this shoot was no exception. I was inspired by the iconic Magic 8 Ball toy to create this hazy/ethereal atmosphere that explores the ambiguity between sensuality & innocence.

We created this series in Natalia’s apartment with some local craft store fabrics, some cheap clamp lights & some colorful plastic folders. I tend to use what I have in my disposal to create art & this mindset has allowed me to create art without boundaries.”



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