Ambivalence: 1/11 Ambivalence: 1/11
Ambivalence: 2/11 Ambivalence: 2/11
Ambivalence: 3/11 Ambivalence: 3/11
Ambivalence: 4/11 Ambivalence: 4/11
Ambivalence: 5/11 Ambivalence: 5/11
Ambivalence: 6/11 Ambivalence: 6/11
Ambivalence: 7/11 Ambivalence: 7/11
Ambivalence: 8/11 Ambivalence: 8/11
Ambivalence: 9/11 Ambivalence: 9/11
Ambivalence: 10/11 Ambivalence: 10/11
Ambivalence: 11/11 Ambivalence: 11/11

Joshua Cabezas ‘Ambivalence’

Joshua Cabezas is a visual artist and independent publisher born in Germany and based in Puerto Rico. His work is mainly photography, but often includes other media such as painting, drawing, illustration, typography, collage and installation. He finds inspiration in human anatomy and pop culture. When not working, he’s either skateboarding or making music. Today it is a pleasure to feature Joshua’s latest series in collaboration with self-styled model Arthur Kelso.



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