Ambrosia: 1/10 Ambrosia: 1/10
Ambrosia: 2/10 Ambrosia: 2/10
Ambrosia: 3/10 Ambrosia: 3/10
Ambrosia: 4/10 Ambrosia: 4/10
Ambrosia: 5/10 Ambrosia: 5/10
Ambrosia: 6/10 Ambrosia: 6/10
Ambrosia: 7/10 Ambrosia: 7/10
Ambrosia: 8/10 Ambrosia: 8/10
Ambrosia: 9/10 Ambrosia: 9/10
Ambrosia: 10/10 Ambrosia: 10/10

Katja Marr ‘Ambrosia’

Hey Cape Town!!! So happy you look at this site too 🙂 here is another gorgeous feature out of that beautiful place by 21 year old film photographer, Katja Marr & here is what she told us about the shoot day…

“This shoot is about nostalgia for Summer & longer days, because it’s been so damn cold in the southern hemisphere & we’re sick of it. We named it ‘Ambrosia’, which is the food & drink of the Greek gods that kept them young & immortal. We shot on a lucky hot afternoon along the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town. The stylist (Nastassja) & model (Shelley) are best friends”.



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