Sara Sani

‘American vintage’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Sara Sani / Model: Ama Elsesser / Stylist: Laura Wright / Wardrobe: Magic Hollow
American vintage: 1/9
American vintage: 2/9
American vintage: 3/9
American vintage: 4/9
American vintage: 5/9
American vintage: 6/9
American vintage: 7/9
American vintage: 8/9
American vintage: 9/9

Sara Sani ‘American vintage’

Our favourite New Zealand based online vintage store, Magic Hollow just went shopping in in the US to stock up on the best American vintage they could find. While they were there store owner, Laura Wright met up with Sara Sani in Silver Lake to shoot this gorgeous little film series in some of their latest finds.



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