Matija Tomc

‘Ana memorial’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Matija Tomc / Model: Lana Mikec / Model Management: Immortal Models / Stylist: Spela Jambrek / HMUA: Maja Drab
Ana memorial: 1/9
Ana memorial: 2/9
Ana memorial: 3/9
Ana memorial: 4/9
Ana memorial: 5/9
Ana memorial: 6/9
Ana memorial: 7/9
Ana memorial: 8/9
Ana memorial: 9/9

Matija Tomc ‘Ana memorial’

Matija Tomc is back with a new series out of Slovenia paying homage to his friend’s (MUA) grandmother & all the things she left behind following her recent passing at 103 years of age.

“The apartment & everything in it was hers. Before WWII she was a well situated urban woman. She even had her own tailor. All the clothes in the story were custom made for her. But then WWII began. Fascists took almost everything from her, then Nazis & later Communists. She managed to hide away some of her clothes & belongings, thus creating some kind of a time capsule.”



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